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Our Simple 4 Step Construction ProcessIn order to make the building process a delightful experience of making a dream become a reality, Ridgemoore Builders wants to ensure that the homeowners will be involved in every important stage of construction. You will be able to see the quality material and disciplined construction practices that go into the creation of your new home. To facilitate this process we have a Four-Step Construction Process:

Step One – The Construction Meeting:
Prior to the beginning of the construction of your home, Ridgemoore Builders will provide you with an opportunity to review with you the building process and construction timetable.
You have the opportunity to review with us the blueprints of the home you have chosen, the survey of your home on the lot, any design changes, and options you have requested. This meeting gives you the opportunity to ask any questions about the construction process and time table.


Step Two - The Drywall Walk:
Prior to drywall installation a Ridgemoore Builder Construction Representative and owner will accompany you on a guided tour of your home. This walk through will allow you to inspect the inner construction of your home, verify options, and upgrades you have selected, view electrical and video placement, view all quality components, and ask any questions concerning construction to this point. Ridgemoore Builders and the governing municipality will conduct is our quality inspections to ensure that your home meets our quality standards.


Step Three - Final Walk Through Quality Assurance Inspection:
Prior to your final walk through, Ridgemoore Builders and the governing municipality will conduct its own quality control inspections. It is our goal to ensure everything is in working order and up to quality standards and building codes. At this time we will make any needed repairs or touchups. The home, including the garage, basement and exterior, are thoroughly cleaned in preparation for the pre-closing orientation/final customer inspections.


Step Four - Pre Closing Orientation / Final Customer Inspection:
Prior to closing your will be taken on a room-by-room tour of your home. We will explain and demonstrate the quality products and opperating procedures for all the systems of your home. We will provide you with any warranty information and explain our Customer Service Program.

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